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Legalize Cannabis in MS: Support Ballot Initiative #48 (Desoto County) pic

Ballot 48 meeting legalize marijuana (lowndes county)

Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas

Re: George Soros Spent $33 Million (memphis) pic

Re: Obama IS owned by big business (memphis) pic

George Soros Spent $33 Million On Inciting The Ferguson Madness

Obama IS owned by big business screws workers map

Yes, the Economy is Thriving (memphis) pic

Teabagger Logic (memphis) pic

Keep Repeating That Lie, teabagger (memphis) pic

Remember that little kid on the playground? pic map

At least; Obama is consistent........ (with his BS and Lies!) pic map

"The Obama Economy"; "now that it's thriving"?? (so says) pic map

Dear Little Teabagger, (memphis) pic

Yes, the Recovering Economy! (memphis) pic

The Obama Economy (memphis) pic

CL's "(re)poster" baby: pic map

When I saw this; I had to think of megaposter "memphis" pic map

Jesse Jackson has it right! pic map

Our Condolences to George W. Bush (memphis) pic

Boehner Conspires Against America (memphis) pic

Boehner Busted in Corruption Scandal (USA) pic

Is Speaker Boehner Guilty of Treason? (US Congress) pic

Main Obstacles Facing negros Today (besides the doofus in White House) pic

Is Speaker Boehner Guilty of Treason? (memphis) pic

A Penny for your Thoughts, teabagger (memphis) pic

The GOP's "Hispanic Outreach" ??? (memphis) pic

Why the Right Embraces Ignorance (memphis) pic

Dear little Obama Slave boy map

Does teabagger ALWAYS Have to LIE? (memphis) pic

Here's why it's free (DemoGreedy) pic

Re: Let's just make everything free (memphis)

Let's just make everything free! (DemoGreedy) pic

re: Obama's Approval Rating Soars! (Crawford TX) pic

You're Not Making Any Sense, teabagger (memphis) pic

Dear Abby letter: map

Why teabagger Stopped Whining About Cuba (memphis) pic

Obama's Approval Rating Soars! (memphis) pic

Re: TOO MUCH Reality! (memphis) pic

"Hey, don't worry about the truth." "People are stupid! pic map

Re: TOO MUCH (teabagger) "Reality" (memphis) pic

If you're "memphis"; don't bother looking: (TOO MUCH Reality!) map

The Tea Party "MOVEMENT" (USA) pic map

"memphis" Idea of a Joke? (Kool Aid Chart) pic map

REAL Unemployment Numbers pic map

Why Do You Hate Our President? (memphis) pic

Here is an Obama "Success" Story (memphis) map

Poor Little Ole "memphis". Just Can't Help Himself.... (Same ole; Same ole....) pic map

teabagger's FALSE definition of Obama (memphis) pic

Mortgage Rates Tumble to 2013 Lows (memphis) pic

This Is A Very Successful Presidency (memphis) pic

re: OBAMA RATED BEST IN 50 YEARS! (Crawford TX) pic

This Is A Very Unsuccessful Presidency (Crawford TX) pic

Re: World's Opinion of Obama (memphis) pic

The Many Successes of Our President (memphis) pic

The teabagger Continues the LIE. LIAR! (memphis) pic

Message for "memphis" map

Obama's "State of Delusion" Speech map

How about a "repost" of a TRUE definition of Obama? (Yes; just a reality check!) pic map

Is "memphis" really that stupid? (Yes, I think he is!) pic map

That Teabagger Is An IDIOT! (memphis) pic

Let's Check on Those GOP Predictions (memphis) pic

An Apology From Our President... (memphis) pic

Just Keep Talking, Teabagger (USA) pic

"Delusional": A Word Moving Into Obama's World pic map

Teabagger IS logical (America Spoke!) pic

Yemen; Another Obama "Success" Story?? map

Here is what we know now... (America Speaks!) pic

Teabagger Caught In Another LIE! (memphis) pic

"memphis" REALLY IS a MORON!! (WOW!!) map

Yemen; An [Obama] "Success" Story!! (so said Obama) pic map

I repeat: This is a very successful Presidency! (memphis) pic map

OBAMA RATED BEST IN 50 YEARS! (memphis) pic

No; I meant "Prompter"! But, Thanks for Confirming Obama's (DEPENDENCE) pic map

LOL. It's Called A "Teleprompter" (memphis) pic

Obama's "skill" @ [Prompter reading] & [Head "Tossing] antics (is wearing thin) pic map

"memphis" continues to show Ignorance and Childishness! (with phony numbers) map

Senate REJECTS Climate Change! (memphis) pic

"Recovering Economy"?? says "memphis" map

2014: Best Year For Jobs Since 1999! (memphis) pic

Obamacare Declared a Success! (memphis) pic

Economic Lessons from a teabagger!?! (memphis) pic

"memphis" needs a Volunteer pic map

Obama Continues with MORE Tax Increase Proposals map

More "Cheap" Propaganda [Lies] from Obama pic map

Lying Teabagger Says "MORE Taxes" (memphis) pic

Re: Speaking of Winning Elections... (memphis) pic

All you need to know about democRATs (More Taxes!) pic

Question of "48hrs"?? map

Speaking of Winning Elections... (Crawford TX) pic

Racist,The First 48 Hr. (all over)

President Obama's Approval Skyrockets! (memphis) pic

"Bring It On!" says Congress to Obama map

Newest Attack on Obamacare (memphis) pic

What You Don't Know About the Deficit (memphis) pic

re: State of the Union (memphis) pic

Well there is the first lie... (SOTU) pic

Name the Muslim! (Crawford, TX) pic

Ref: Obama Rated Best in 50 Years pic map

Did "memphis" ACTUALLY Say "Last 6 Years of Economic Growth"?? (What a MORON!!) pic map

SLN "memphis" logic! pic map

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