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Write in vote for Chris McDaniel (Hernando) map


40 Million Immigrants in U.S. in 2010 pic

Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas

Memphis won't admit he is wrong (mig) pic

Remember When America[ns] Was Respected in the World? (Before Obama) pic map

On Trying To Divide Black and Hispanic (southaven) pic

Remember When You Weren't Islamophobic? (memphis) pic

A Desperate DemoParty [and Obama] Target the Black Community for Votes (No Surprise There) map

Another Democrat Political Ploy "Bites the Dust"!! (Finally!!!!!!) map

Didn't "memphis" Mention Something About "Panic Mode"? (Yes; I think he did!) map

Eric Holder "Regrets"?? (Yeh, Right!!!) map

Did Someone Mention the "Real" Obama?? pic map

The Real Obama vs. Fox "News" Obama (memphis) pic

Obama's "Support Base" Evaporating by the Minute: pic map

"memphis" Continues with childish tactics: (Like "pictures"???? ) pic map

Let Us Not Forget ["memphis"] Credentials (or Lack of) pic map

I'll Answer Your Question (Iraqi WMDs) (memphis) pic

memphis won't admit he is wrong (Halabja) pic map

Really now "memphis; You Don't Actually Believe She will "run"? (Not a Chance!) map

Hillary Has The GOP Running Scared (USA) pic

Hey "memphis"; You Were Referring to the Liberal Demos. Right?? (Voter Suppression ) pic map

Teabagger LYING About Hillary as Usual (memphis) pic

"memphis" Takes a Lesson from Hillary pic map

Republican Idol vs Republican Villain (memphis) pic

You can't polish a TURD obama (Memphis) map

Speaking of Cartoons pic map

A "Very Weak" Obama [in the World's Eye] Uses Familiar Strategy: pic map

Benghazi "TRUTH" Continues to Emerge! map

Stupid Continuing BS by "memphis" ("BENGHAZI") pic map

Stand and be counted patriots. (U.S.A.)

1956 Republican Platform (memphis) pic

Teabagger Tries to Rewrite History (memphis) pic

Here's something to take your mind off of the Benghazi scandal (R Nixon) pic

Still support your LIE? (WHouse) pic

Don't repeat the same mistake! (O. Branch) pic

Clinton asks Arkansas voters to avoid protest vote! (Mena) pic

Corruption Within the Liberal Democratic Party is "Out of Control"! map

"memphis" has Appeared in Cartoons! pic map

Even the "Fateful" Can Only Take So Much BS! ("Obama's Walkout!") pic map

What Do Obama & "memphis" Have in Common When They Speak? pic map

Obama OFFICIALLY Best Economic President (memphis) pic

GOP Admits Failure on Benghazi "Scandal" (memphis) pic

We're Sick of the GOP's Hypocrisy! (memphis) pic

What Do YOU Call Our President? (memphis) pic

Teabagger Still Lying About Benghazi (memphis) pic

re:7 facts about the Obumers presidency (ha ha ha)

Obama's "Empty Suit" Gets More Empty Each Day! pic map

re:I call a lie on the Benghazi attack (Of course you do)

Repost, Retard, Repost, Retard, Repost, Retard, Re.... (the "memphis" label) pic map

Tea Party Fraud Exposed! (memphis) pic

Happy Halloween from the G.O.P. (memphis) pic

The Mess in the Middle East (memphis) pic

C'mon Little Teabagger, We're Waiting (memphis) pic

Democrats new battle cry "a living wage" (Memphis) map

"Hating Their Government [and Country]?? (No Doubt Who That Group Reps!) pic map

Teaching People to Hate Their Government (memphis) pic

Just Keep Talking, Teabagger (USA) pic map

attn: 'poop' (Hollywood) pic

"FACTS" on the Ukraine Issue via "memphis"??? (Again Notice; Attack Messenger; Not FACT) map

SLN ("memphis") Continues His [Stupid] "Double Talk" (NO Specifics; Just Fabricated BullShit!) pic map

Solar Jobs for 50,000 Veterans (memphis) pic

Teabagger Doesn't Know What a FACT is! (memphis) pic

Hey "memphis"; We ALL Noticed You COULD NOT Deny the FACTS of Ukraine; (So "Attack the Messenger??) pic map

re: Ukraine Elections (memphis) pic

Remember now! What "FACTS" mean to "memphis" pic map

"memphis" Continues with "Half the Story" (Ukraine ) pic map

Ukraine's Pro-Western Election Victory (memphis) pic

It Seems "memphis" May Need an "enema"! pic map

Obama's "Open Administration???" pic map

World's Opinion of Barack Obama is Humiliating! map

The "Incompetence" of the Obama Administration is Acknowledged map

Obama's "Childish" Hypocrisy Continues pic map

Remember When We Had "Class" in the White House? pic map

Re: Obama lets corporations make 57billion (memphis) pic

RE: Obama lets corporations make 5.7billion $ on healthcare map

What it means to support the Democratic Party (W House) pic

Our Resident Little Teabagger is Proof (memphis) pic

Obama is a Tyrant and a Dictator (memphis) pic

On Riots and Rioting (memphis) pic

The Obama Administration is "PROTECTING" Americans [on American soil]? map

It is Obama, not Putin, who has created Instability in the World! map

Ah Yes; the SLN ("memphis") Proves (ONCE AGAIN): pic map

"People Died!"; "Clinton Lied!" (Hummm; Has a familiar "ring" to it.) pic map

We're Waiting.......... pic map

I Call BS On Your Benghazi LIES! (memphis) pic

Benghazi is a Matter of RECORD! (memphis) pic

The SLN ("memphis") Off the "Deep End of Stupid!" (Comprehension "Out of His Reach") pic map

And the SLN ["memphis"] Rambles On; and On; and On; and.... (With Cartoons, Lies, and More BS!) pic map

[Liberal Left] Lies are Temporary; Truth is Forever! pic map

As the "World Turns" [without Obama and the US] (Not "Invited"; Not "Involved") pic map

Hey SLN ("memphis"), The Whole World Knows Who Was Lying! (Benghazi "Coverup") pic map

The "World's" Opinion of Obama? (The Picture Says It All!) pic map

Re: Bait & Switch (D Kildare) LIAR! (memphis) pic

Bait & Switch (D Kildare) pic

To All Republicans Who Insist on... (southaven) pic

Teabagger and Unemployed Black Youth (USA) pic map

Immigration Reform AND Blacks (memphis) pic

The South Needs to Secede Again! (memphis) pic

re:I'm just learning about politics (Tx)

Immigrants help Blacks it's just a FACT (MEM) map

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